DIY Wedding Sign

Finished DIY Wedding Sign on Posts from above

In August 2015, my two close friends were getting married to each other. They wanted a semi-DIY wedding, where a number of their friends pitched in for their special day. I had the pleasure of making a simple DIY wedding sign for them.

Using balsa wood, wooden posts, wood glue, and a sharpie, I quickly made them a sign to direct guests to the ceremony and reception.

Initially, I began with thick cardstock paper I had lying around from previous photography projects, and I prototyped my handwriting. I soon realized that the cursive did not translate as effectively at the size I wanted and the rectangular shape of the cardstock diminished the goal of the arrows.

First prototype of DIY Wedding Sign on cardstock

So, I began working on version 2. After a run to my local Michaels, I purchased a few slabs of balsa wood and wooden posts.

Once home, I wrote the sign labels of “Vows Here” and “Party There” in block uppercase using my Sharpie. Then, using my Exacto knife, I cut the balsa sheets into an arrow shape, of course using multiple slices to ensure a clean cut.

Second prototype using Balsa wood for DIY Wedding Sign

To ensure I had enough room, I used the floor with a cutting board below as my primary workspace.

Satisfied with the result, I duplicated my efforts to make a second set. Now, it was time to transform these basic 2D labels into a 3D signpost.

Workspace for DIY Wedding Sign

To combine the wooden square posts to the balsa sheets, I applied a thin layer of Elmer’s wood glue to each post, where they met the sheet, and then weighed the entire signpost down.

DIY Wedding Sign with Posts drying with weights applied

The newly-weds loved the signs (and the wedding), and the guests had no problem finding the ceremony and the reception. I consider my small evening project a success!

DIY Wedding Sign

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