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Egg-White Chili Shakshuka

Egg-White Chili Shakshuka

Fried egg white on top of Chili Shakshuka

This Egg-White Chili Shakshuka combines three of my favorite things: egg-whites, chili, and shakshuka in just the best way. Shakshuka is usually a dish with poached eggs on top of a tomato, pepper, onion stew and is a delightfully satisfying breakfast.

However, sometimes my picky eating gets the best of me and my distaste of peppers and egg yolk ruins the experience. In an effort to make a Shakshuka that was perfect to my taste, I decided to make a version without the peppers and egg yolk. To bring more hardiness to the dish, I added kidney beans, which matched the tomato flavors perfectly.

This healthy, filling breakfast is packed with vegetables and healthy protein. It happens to also be vegetarian and gluten-free. By holding the eggs, it can be a delicious vegan stew for lunch or dinner as well. This is a versatile dish that translates across dietary restrictions and meal times. I’m super happy with the end result of my Egg-White Chili Shakshuka and I hope you enjoy it too!

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