3D-Printed Settlers of Catan

3D-Printed Settlers of Catan close up

For the holidays, we had the pleasure of playing Settlers of Catan with dedicated game-playing friends. Our friend Paul 3D printed and hand painted a set of Settlers of Catan, and it was nothing short of amazing!

3D-Printed Settlers of Catan game board from above

His attention to detail was marvelous with perfectly matched paint colors to the early edition cards, precise detailing on each piece, and magnetic links so pieces fit right into place. It made my list of unique gaming experiences!

Now, if only we had my Settlers of Catan Party Tray to add to the fun while filling our stomachs…

Thank you, Paul, for hosting a fantastic evening of trading resources and building cities!

3D-Printed Settlers of Catan

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