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Chili Miso Red Cabbage Steaks (Vegan)

Chili Miso Red Cabbage Steaks (Vegan)

One pan meal of roasted red cabbage steaks drizzled with chili miso sauce from side

Vegan steaks! How does that work?

Just cut some thick slices of red cabbage, roast and season them, and you have yourself a delicious vegetable main dish.

Appetizing photos of cauliflower steaks have been popping up all over my Pinterest feed lately. So, why not try out the same method on another favorite vegetable like red cabbage?

For these red cabbage “steaks”, I topped them off with an Asian-inspired chili miso sauce that is a balanced mix between spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and umami. I’ll definitely be making this combination again for dressings and more.

As usual, the best part about this meal was that it took less than 20 minutes from inception to consumption.

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