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Sesame and Pecan Schnecken Swirls with Orange Glaze

Sesame and Pecan Schnecken Swirls with Orange Glaze

Finished Sesame and Pecan Schnecken Rolls with Orange Glaze

I had the best commute when I lived in Munich, Germany the summer of 2008. Every morning on the way to work via metro, I would pass by a number of bakeries and have my choice of delicious German pastries. At first, Almond Croissants were my go-to, with their delightfully flaky crust and irresistible, warm almond paste filling. Though Almond Croissants remained in the regular rotation, I soon found a new favorite: Mohn Schnecken.

Mohn Schnecken directly translates to poppy seed snails, or the German equivalent of the classic American Cinnamon Roll, but with poppy seeds instead of cinnamon. These amazing, black and white swirl pastry rounds are filled with a subtly-sweet poppy seed paste and topped off with a thick layer of glaze. Whether you bite into them or unravel them as you go along, they are an absolute delight!

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