Settlers of Catan Party Tray

Settlers of Catan Party Tray from above

I’ve hosted many game nights. I’ve also hosted many themed dinner parties. So, why not, at last, combine the two with a Settlers of Catan Party Tray?

Using hexagonal containers, I created an edible, 3D Settlers of Catan game board of snacks to nourish the most diligent of road builders.

Of course, not to be confused with the 3D-Printed Settlers of Catan Game Board I played with friends.

To build my Food Tray Game Board, I wanted affordable, food-safe containers. I found just that in these Plastic Hexagonal Weigh Boats and even had some to spare for a Year of Plenty of repeat occurrences. Once they arrived, I used transparent tape to combine them into a larger tray. Due to their flimsiness as a whole, I placed the whole board upon a tray for easy serving.

Now, for the resources. I wanted tasty items that worked cohesively to match game components as well as match each other for tasty party snacks. This was the result:

  • Broccoli for Lumber
  • Salsa for Brick
  • Cauliflower for Wheat
  • Green grapes for Sheep
  • Black grapes for Ore
  • Hummus for Desert
  • Carrots for Roads, Settlements, and Cities
  • Blue corn chips for Ocean

Game cabinet filled with games including Settlers of Catan for game night

The Game Night was a huge success, and I’ve still got 81 more containers to build out more boards for future parties. I guess I’ll just have to host another soon!

Settlers of Catan Party Tray

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